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Posted by:
Jaime Prada
Hotel Broker
Hoteles | 17/09/2018 09:00:00

Hostels: hotel sector revolution

Recent years have seen an exponential growth of a new type of accommodation: the hostel.

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Hoteles 17 September 2018

Hostels: hotel sector revolution

Gone is the idea of the hostel as a low-quality accommodation option, with inhospitable rooms, dishevelled bathrooms and indolent staff. In recent times, we have taken a step forward and we are looking at this business model in a much more attractive way, with a more developed...

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Hoteles 30 July 2018

Excessive tourism: A current problem? Has Spain got too many tourists?

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Spain received a total of 82m foreign tourists in 2017, a record figure that resulted in a substantial increase in total expenditure, on the previous year, of 12.5% by international tourists. However, most of the visitor...

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Hoteles 19 June 2018

Raising Interest of Private Equity Firms in “Affordable Luxury”

The Affordable Luxury Hotel Trend Over the past decade, the hotel industry has witnessed the entry of a number of disruptive players in the market, differentiating themselves from traditional hotels by offering a modern hotel product: “affordable luxury”. The affordabl...

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Hoteles 25 April 2018

Madrid, a city with potential

Driven by a significant increase in arrivals, a continuous ADR uplift and a growing occupancy, the Spanish hotel sector is experiencing one of the best moment of its history , breaking records in terms of hotel investment (€3.9bn in 2017). A refurbished hotel supply in key ma...

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Hoteles 06 March 2018

Quality, specialisation and de-seasonality, main drivers of tourism growth of the Costa Brava

Offering 220 km of coastline and a consolidated touristic infrastructure, the Costa Brava is a key leisure destination in Spain, attracting both domestic and overseas visitors. Nevertheless, the area still suffers from high seasonality levels, as reported in data from the...

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Hoteles 29 March 2017

Hotels & technology

In an ever-changing world, every sector of society is increasingly affected by advances in technology. We are surrounded by devices, software and applications that are supposed to make our lives easier. Up to here, we have become used all this gadgets without even realizing it...

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Hoteles 28 February 2017

Once again, Christie & Co will be at the IHIF (6th – 8th March, Berlin)

Once again, Christie & Co will participate in one of the most important events of the European investment landscape, the International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF), which takes place in Berlin during the second week of March. In addition to being one of the recognized spon...

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Hoteles 23 February 2017

Borrowed tourism or leading destination?

During the worst years of the economic crisis, those establishments which were more dependent on domestic demand where the ones that suffered the consequences to a greater extent, whereas certain tourist areas or cities with a better international position, obtained better ret...

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Hoteles 23 November 2016

Successful destinations Management: Balearic Islands

How it couldn’t be otherwise, Christie & Co did not want to miss the conference about Successful Destinations Management organised by Hosteltur on Friday October the 28th in Palma de Majorca. As a main theme: Balearic Islands, a destination that, due to the increase of tourist...

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Hoteles 18 November 2016

Why the CEE hotel investment market is booming

Hotel investment activity in CEE – from the Adriatic Coast to the Baltic Sea – has been booming in the second half of 2016, with numerous hotel properties being on the market and several transactions taking place. A lot of deal activity was witnessed in the Balkans. Example...

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