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13 May 2021

Inmaculada Ranera among the "150 + influencers in the Spanish tourism sector" according to Sergestur

For the second consecutive year, Inmaculada Ranera, General Manager of Christie & Co for Spain and Portugal, is part of the list of the 150 most influential professionals in the sector, according to the selection prepared by the consultancy firm Sergestur.

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Sergestur has once again selected, for the second year, a list of the 150 professionals in the Spanish tourism sector who are leaders in their fields and who are considered to be key for their influence at local, national and/or international level. In the words of Fernando Garasa, head of the consultancy firm, "The selection criteria were as follows: their contributions, proven experience, recognised professional successes and achievements, proven knowledge, success stories, achievements, communication skills, charisma and recognition by professionals in the sector. All of these are subject to the human variable, without which this list would be meaningless".
Fernando Garasa adds: "It is worth highlighting the importance of the geographical framework in which the work and contribution of "the 150+influencers" is carried out. Whether from a more local perspective, with a territorial scope limited to the province, autonomous region or country, or from an international point of view, the aforementioned professionals help to increase the power of the "Spain Brand", not understanding this as a commercial concept associated with a specific institutional activity, but as the set of attractions, tangible and intangible, that keep our country on the podium of world tourism competitiveness: its natural, cultural, gastronomic and scenic resources, its excellent quality/price ratio, its wide range of accommodation, its service facilities, its infrastructures, and so many other variables, allow us to face the future with realism, but also with hope, in the knowledge that the talent is there and that the results will not be long in coming, as long as the socio-health and economic circumstances stabilise minimally. "
As a consultancy firm dedicated to the hotel sector for more than 20 years in Spain, we are very proud that Sergestur has recognised, for the second year running, the experience and in-depth knowledge of our Managing Director, Inmaculada Ranera, who has been at the forefront of Christie & Co since 2000.

You can download the full list of the 150 most influential professionals of the sector here
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