Rent Reviews

Rental value at the time of a rent review is one of the most emotive issues in the property sector.

This is particularly so in our specialist business and commercial sectors: hotels, care, childcare, leisure, medical and retail where the majority of rents are based on trade potential and profitability.

If you occupy a leasehold property then rent is likely to be one of your major business overheads and, as most rent reviews are "upwards only", any increase will directly affect both the profitability and value of your business.

If you own investment properties, the rent you receive will be a valuable source of income, as well as directly impacting on capital value and therefore negotiating the correct revised rent promptly will be important to you.

We can provide you with accurate, expert advice prior to entering into rent reviews or lease renewal negotiations for hotels, care homes, day nurseries, dentists, pharmacies, forecourts, convenience retail, public houses, restaurants and leisure properties.

Rent reviews are negotiated throughout our Consultancy Specialists who combine local knowledge of the market with a wide experience in acting for both landlords and tenants.

We have prepared a Rent Review brochure containing expert advice in different scenarios: prior to entering a rent agreement to secure sustainable conditions, during the course of the leasehold to assess potential review or in the event of a dispute, provide guidance towards an effective resolution:

Please do not hesitate to contact Beatriz Menéndez Valdés, Head of Consultancy, at or call your local Christie & Co office and let us know how we can help.